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  • Terrazzo Cleaning and Restoration

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    Terrazzo Cleaning and Restoration

    Cleaning and maintaining any type of floor can be difficult, especially when we have such a demanding lifestyle or when it seems like it never is actually clean or has numerous imperfections. Often times, we don’t really know if our cleaning/maintenance practices are the best, but continue to try our best. And sometimes it doesn’t work out. The important thing to remember is to not get too discouraged. Because Marblelife can help you with all of your stone care needs!


    Are you looking to clean or restore a terrazzo floor in your historic home or to maintain your commercial property? Marblelife can help you! Our stone craftsmen are trained and equipped to restore terrazzo to its original beautiful appearance. With over 25 years of experience serving thousands of homes and commercial locations, you’re sure to be satisfied with the end result, guaranteed.


    Chip & Crack Repair

    Do you have high traffic areas that result in scratches, cracks and other eventual wear and tear? You’ll want to maintain your floors for the best appearance of your location. Therefore, you’ll want a professional with experience to give you the best bang for your buck. With Marblelife’s team of professionals what was once a gray, ugly fill today can be an artfully prepared blend of stone and resin the next. The newly designed mixture will fix any cracks or chips in your terrazzo to match your existing floor construction.


    Marblelife is equipped to assess your terrazzo’s particular make-up including:

    Chip size – Marble chips are size graded to match the original chips for a seamless finish.


    Chip distribution – A mix of chips is analyzed and determined to insure the repair blends perfectly.


    Chip type & color – Your stone type and color is graded and matched.


    Matrix color – The color of the base portland or epoxy is analyzed and a comparable colored resin is formulated to minimize color difference.

    Once analyzed, a color-match portland cement or epoxy resin is custom prepared, filled with the appropriate marble chips as defined by type, size and color. After setting, your repair is honed flat and polished to match the finish on your floor.


    But the best part is, you don’t have to know how to do any of this because we have got you covered! Your terrazzo will look beautifully perfect when we are finished with the job.



    Terrazzo Polishing

    Whether dulled by years of traffic, or being brought back to light after languishing under carpet or tile, Marblelife can assist you in bringing your gorgeous piece of history back to life. So if your terrazzo isn’t giving off that same shine it used to, you’re struggling with discoloration, or minor or major scratches then our team of professionals can help you with all your needs.



    Historic Renovation

    Terrazzo treasures are sometimes discovered to have been hiding under many carpeted and tiled floors across the country. Many of these floor surfaces were covered up historically prior to the development the restoration techniques we use today. Now, Marblelife is restoring these times capsules of art and beauty across the country. Add value and interest to your historic building or home with a restoration of your terrazzo floors. Hence if you want to preserve and restore your treasure then turn to Marblelife.


    So What Do You Do Now?

    If any of these services seem to be what you’re looking to do with your terrazzo then all you have to do is give us a call for further details and your free estimate. You can reach Marblelife in Chicago at (888) 218-4616. Quality stone care service is just a phone call away so don’t wait any longer!


    Or Do It Yourself

    Do you like the way your terrazzo turned out after we serviced it? Or maybe its condition isn’t too bad so you’d like to take a crack at cleaning it up yourself. Well, Marblelife has considered this already and provides inexpensive and easy to use products to maintain your terrazzo’s color, shine and durability. In addition, there are numerous products for your other stone care needs.


    So you can try Marblelife’s “MAXOUT Cleaner” or choose from a variety of care products and accessories. Just visit our “Care Products” section and you can be on your way to a professional clean.